Known for the famous Richard Wagner Festival, its cuisine of Bratwurst sausages and theOktober Fest, as well as its great contributions to the car industry, Germany has been quickly becoming a favorable choice for international students

Non-EU students are being given more flexible rules around their

Home to the start of the Renaissance and Rome’s extraordinary

EU citizens going to work in Estonia have no need to apply for a work visa. Others in this category include EEA citizens those from Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, all who do not require to

Hungary is a beautiful country with attractive physical features. With

Anyone interested in working in Bulgaria will most likely need

Germany issues a 6 months job seeker visa allowing you to look for a job in the country. The visa is a job seeker i.e. you can only search jobs within the permitted duration. You get

Known for the famous Richard Wagner Festival, its cuisine of

The Eiffel Tower is a popular attraction in Paris, attracting

No doubt Slovakia has very interesting scenes. Close to fifty well-preserved churches made of wood are to be found all over Slovakia. The oldest one is known as St.Francis of Assisi in Hervatov which was built

France ranks number 17 best countries to live in for

There is a lot going on in Ukraine, one of

Culture differences, customs, and understanding mindsets are important components when conducting business in any country. It forms the foundation upon which strong business relationships across continents can be built. Germany has many strong ties with India, with

It is possible for a foreigner to set up business

There are many businesses run by foreigners in Finland. This